Please take a moment to review what others have said about my work and their experience with me.

Upmost Satisfaction!

I am greatly pleased to recommend Bryan Marosch. He took up the task of building our business web application, accommodating all our requirements to construct one as needed. He proved to be an integral part of attracting prospective customers to our website, which helped my business prosper ten-fold. Due to the unrelenting efforts of Bryan, our business website became the most profitable promotional campaigns launched so far within a calendar year. I am quite happy to take time to recommend his services.

Candida Springer | Blue Arrow

A Trusted and Reliable Source!

It was a true pleasure working with Bryan on our massive project. Assigning him as our lead front-end developer felt like the right decision from the start. He managed to provide us a magnificent and modern user interface that was compatible across all browsers and devices. Not only did Bryan play an important role in our project but he also made efforts to meet tight deadlines and help other developers when needed. You will find impeccable craftsmanship and dedication with this developer and adding him to any project would be considered a brilliant decision.

Matthew Bennett | SalesForce.com

The All Around Web Guy!

When we initially interviewed with Bryan we were impressed with the way he presented himself. He had an answer to every question we had and knew where to go right away. Just a few days after signing him on board we had a new user interface all laid out. A couple of weeks later, we had our first mobile web app. From then on all our web related projects were directed to and handled by him. This included project management, design, development, and deployment. It was a true pleasure to work with Bryan and the knowledge he had to offer.

David Benjamin | Locus Traxx, Inc.

Extremely Positive Asset!

Bryan did an excellent job working on our site redesign and was an asset to our organization. He has excellent written and verbal communication skills, is extremely organized, can work independently and is able to follow through to ensure the job gets done. The redesign required a thorough knowledge of HTML, CSS, jQuery, ASP.net and Photoshop. He is always willing to offer his assistance and had an excellent rapport with everyone in the office. If his performance in our company is a good indication of how he would perform in yours, he would be an extremely positive asset to your program.

Sharon Giannotti | Bankrate, Inc.

Finally Someone Who Understands Code!

I have collaborated with Bryan on multiple web development projects. He is fast, efficient and very knowledgable with web development programming and working with WordPress. His knowledge and efforts are just some of the many excellent qualities produced and shared by him. If you have a PSD that needs to come to life this is your guy. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to build or customize a website or e-commerce platform.

Mindi Bear | Sr. Graphic Designer

Fast and Efficient!

The level of code provided by Bryan was nothing short of phenomenal and exceeded our expectations. After providing him a PSD mockup, not even a day went by before we received a preview URL of the progress of our project. Our revisions were minimal and were made within a few hours, which gave us plenty of time to deploy. Not to mention the responsive layout now allows our site to reach out to a wider audience across multiple platforms. Expect excellent communication, knowledge, and leadership when working with this programmer.

Andrew Berns | Applied Card Systems

Someone Who Takes Initiative!

When my business first started out I had a great product in mind but knew little about marketing it online. Well to my surprise Bryan was one of my first clients to try out my product and loved it. He loved it so much he wanted to be part of the team and offered his web services to me. It only took Bryan about 5 minutes of explaining to me the benefits of having a website and its potential to bring in targeted consumers before I knew that this was perfect for me and my business. Now my company is running strong and my need for marketing has been happily solved.

Terry Burger | Burger Motorsports, LLC.

The Right Guy for The Job, Period!

Bryan’s excellent eye for design has benefited me tremendously. I now have the ability to send people to my website and have them view all event information for the exact day and time they choose. He took the time to sit with me and thoroughly listen to what I was looking for in my website. While explaining what I had in mind to Bryan, he already had a design layout in mind for me, and that design is still what is running my website today. Creativity, Reliability, and Dedication are just the few characteristics found within this designer.

Brian Caplan | Florida Group Rides, LLC.

Your Knowledge Brought Me Success!

I will admit that I am still not that familiar with the internet and its capabilities. So therefore, I did not know of its potential and was hesitant at first. After weeks of carefully interviewing many different web designers and observing a lot of strong candidates, I decided to move forward with Bryan. He had the skills and ambition of someone who has goals in life and knows where they’re going. Once Bryan started sending me rough drafts of what I was to expect from my website, I knew that my investment was in good hands. Since then my company has expanded tremendously and my clientele is right there with it. Thank you Sir!

Edwin Ferhan | ECS Tech, Inc.